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Discover the 7 Strategies to Build Your Party Plan Biz Online Like a Boss

What if you could create multiple streams of income by using your Direct Sales business? In this exclusive guide, I'll show you the simple steps to create a Direct Sales Empire and grow your business online while and get you more sales, all while saving time!

What You'll Discover from This Free, Downloadable PDF Guide:

  • What to do when you're ready to get serious about your Party Plan Business
  • The fastest way to create a list of loyal customers and raving fans
  • The 3 questions you need to ask every customer
  • Why having your own website or blog is crucial to your online success as a Direct Sales Rep.

Desiree Wolfe

Desiree Wolfe is a professional trainer and admired mentor for women in Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Small Business. Known as the Rebel Mamapreneur, she is quickly gaining popularity with women who want to start playing bigger in their home-based business while creating a lifestyle they love. Desiree has created a system for teaching women how to build a foundation in their business that will empower them to generate more leads and create greater profits all while saving time and enjoying a life they deserve. She has a reputation for being blunt and telling it like it is. She has shared her no bullshit approach through a variety of platforms, including Party Plan Magazine, The Mind Aware Show with Dana Wilde,  Co-authored “Behind her Brand – Direct Sales Edition” and creator of a variety of training programs, resources and materials offered on her website at

Desiree Wolfe, Business Strategist

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