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Desiree Wolfe is a business coach for women in Direct Sales who are ready to play bigger. Through training, blogs, webinars and events, she inspires women to get organize, increase productivity and grow online while unleashing the badass that is hiding within.

5 Tools to Get Organized Now

If you’ve been online at all over the last few days you’ve probably been bombarded with all kinds of offers for getting organized for the New Year…because it’s New Years…. We are 3 weeks into the New Year. How’s all that making you feel? I’m here to tell you I think all of those fancy…

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7 Best Email Marketing Practices

7 Best Email Marketing Practices

There are so many rules to marketing and business in general. Do this. Don’t that. But wait now it’s okay to do that. Nope, you pissed too many off stop doing that. It’s enough to make you crazy! However, there are a few pieces of etiquette and best practices you might want to consider following…

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How to Write Your Business a Love Letter

Letter to Biz Blog Post

If you can’t seem to get motivated because you feel unorganized or you keep finding excuses to avoid your business – you know, like laundry, the dishes and underwater basket weaving, it might be time for you to reconnect with your business. I can totally relate to those days you have when you sit down…

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5 Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media as a Direct Seller

Click the image above to watch the video There’s lots of rules about running a business that I don’t give a crap about. I believe do what works and do what makes you happy. However……there are a few things happening that I’m seeing over and over that I want to address. These are 5 mistakes…

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How to Be a Leader in Direct Sales

How to Be a Leader

You can be a leader no matter the size of your team. When you first started your Direct Sales Business, did you have dreams of waking up in your pajamas, setting up a few parties that you booked by telling all your friends and family about – and then watching the money roll in? Well…

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How to Generate More Leads While You Sleep

Lead Automation

No, this not some internet marketing scam to get you to spend money on some software that is so technology based that you feel like you’re reading a different language. I’m seriously going to show you how you can create a system that attracts and converts leads while you are sleeping, at parties or even on…

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Get Shit Done Show – Guest Chris Miles (April 14, 2016)

More Cash Flow with Chris Miles on Get Shit Done Show

GSD Episode 11 (April 14, 2016)   Welcome to the Get Sh*t Done Show with Desiree Wolfe How to Increase Your Cash Flow Welcome to Desiree TV – GSD Episode 11 (March 24, 2016) Our guest is Chris Miles. Chris is a money mindset coach who works with his clients to discover unhidden cash in…

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Do Your Goals Match Your Values?

Desiree Wolfe Blog Values

It’s said that if you want to be successful, if you want to be a good leader, then you’ll need to align your values with your goals. If what’s important to you in your daily life can help you reach your objectives then you’re on your way to the top. Values and goals must complement…

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What No One Is Telling You About Your Direct Sales Business

- What you aren't being told

Direct Sales has many benefits of joining, which you already know. That’s why you’re here. When you sign up you are gaining access to a business in a box. Sounds pretty appealing, right?  Of course. With very little money upfront you get access to an awesome product line, business training and a complete pre-built brand…

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Get Shit Done Show – Guest Heather Fein (March 24, 2016)

GSD Show with Desiree Wolfe & Heather Fein

GSD Episode 10 (Mar 24, 2016)   Welcome to the Get Sh*t Done Show with Desiree Wolfe Dealing with Anxiety a Holistic Way Welcome to Desiree TV – GSD Episode 10 (March 24, 2016) Our guest is Heather Fein. Heather is a holistic anxiety coach working with women and parents of children suffering from anxiety.…

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