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Desiree Wolfe

Hello. My name is Desiree Wolfe and I’ll be your guide for the next stage of your business flight.

They call me a “Business Coach” but I’m really your best friend in business. I’m the upline you wish you had.

No one ever told you business was going to be this hard. They didn’t warn you about the long hours and lack of sleep. No one said you’ll cry more as a business owner than a newborn with poopy pants.

But giving up isn’t an option.

So, now what? It’s time to put your big girl panties on and start thinking like a CEO. But you’re scared and don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in.

Are You In?



THE FORMAL BIO: Desiree Wolfe combines her sassy personality with her savvy business sense to teach Direct Sellers, and small business owners, proven marketing strategies, time saving systems and unique storytelling. Learn how to break the cookie cutter syndrome and be authentically you in business.

As founder of the Like A Boss School for Direct Sellers Desiree has created a system for teaching women how to build a foundation in their business that will empower them to generate more leads online and create greater profits all while saving time and enjoying a life they deserve.

Desiree has a reputation for being blunt and telling it like it is. She has shared her no bullshit approach through a variety of platforms, including:

  • A multi-time contributor to Party Plan Magazine
  • Return guest on The Mind Aware Show with Dana Wilde
  • Mentor to over 2,000 women in business
  • A variety of training programs, resources and materials offered on her website at

She’s never been the leader of a large team in network marketing.  In fact, she quit her own network marketing business after less than 9 months to start her coaching business.  

Why would you want Desiree to train you and your team on how to grow your businesses?

Imagine growing up with your mom starting a business from your garage. Your step-dad and other family members constantly telling her it will never be more than a hobby.  Then, just after a few short years and a divorce, she’s making 6-figures working 4 days a week.  Desiree experienced what it was like to see her mom struggle with creating a balanced home-life and a successful home-based business.

Desiree Wolfe - Mompreneur

My Mission

For over 6 years, Desiree worked in the corporate sales and marketing department for a multi-million dollar Direct Sales company. She saw a male dominated industry suddenly gain competition from the women rising through the ranks because they were suddenly becoming empowered.  Desiree continues to fuel that passion to help women in business because she sees the same struggle her own mom experienced and then experienced first-hand when she started her business as a single mom.

I also witnessed women with so much potential who continued to play small in their business because they treated it like a hobby or a second income source.  The didn’t believe it could fulfill their dreams beyond a few extra bucks each month.

On the flip side, I saw women create wildly successful and profitable businesses because they made the decision to take their business seriously.  There was a huge shift in the mindset of running a hobby to stepping into the power of becoming a CEO.

But the shift is different for everyone.  For some women it might be because they went through a divorce or their partner lost their job. Others experience the shift from pure inspiration like attending National Convention or hearing a motivating speech from a field leader.

There’s no guarantee the shift is going to happen for you. There’s no time frame you might experience the shift in. It could be tomorrow, next year or it might be right now as you read these words.  It’s my mission to bring you the tools and resources to help you get there and to support your business when you do experience it.

I encourage you to check out the available trainings and resources throughout this website. You can start by downloading my free training – The Direct Sales Growth Guide.

If you’re ready to create your own system for bring your business online and saving time book a training call here.

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