Kick the Cookie Cutter Syndrome

Learn how to be an authentic authority and prove what a big damn deal you are! But first....let me help you get your shit together!

Booking parties has become child's play. But getting your shit together? That's another story. You're still shoving papers in random folders, ignoring your website and treating your empire like a hobby. Now you're ready to not only rock your biz, but rock your life. You have the power to open up everything you do (and triple your fucking money), if you:

-Straighten up that hot mess of a Facebook page

-Stop thinking and start taking action on all those ideas

-Figure out how to get people to want to hear from you with one of those email list thingies you hear about

-Get your Calendar looking more like a CEO than a hobbyist

You've got a burning message the world needs to hear. You're ready to stand just need help getting organized and laying the foundation of an empire that is going to make you crazy fucking money, so you can do the things you dream of.

Because staring at a blank computer screen isn't maximizing your mountainous potential and those hostess don't coach themselves.

Click Here to find out how I can take you from feeling meh to marvelous - to owning your industry. Or choose one of the options below to get started.

Get the Right People In Your Business

Struggling to book parties might mean you’re not connecting with the right people. Team members who don’t show up are a big problem, too. In the Customer Cure I’ve created a 10 steps training series to walk you through how to discover your ideal customer and how to find them online (and offline, too).

Marketing & Systems School

LABS is a revolutionary 6-week online course for leaders in Direct Sales who are looking to dominate in their industry. It teaches you smart, proven marketing strategies to power your profits and unleash your higher purpose. Registration for this incredible course is only open twice a year so get on the list now!

News & Training on Desiree’s Blog

No fuckery allowed on the blog. I give you real business, marketing and mindset advice. It’s totally fun but no bullshit or excuses allowed. Learn how to capture more email leads, blog for business, create a lead magnet and get more shit done in your Direct Sales business over on the blog.

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It's time to start doing business on your own terms!
Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Hello. My name is Desiree Wolfe and I'll be your guide.

They call me a "Business Strategist" but I'm really your best friend in business. I'm the upline you wish you had.

No one ever told you business was going to be this hard. They didn't warn you about the long hours and lack of sleep. No one said you'll cry more as a business owner than a newborn with poopy pants.

But giving up isn't an option.

So, now what? It's time to put your big girl panties on and start thinking like a CEO. But you're scared and don't know where to start? That's where I come in. Read on...

THE FORMAL BIO: Desiree Wolfe combines her sassy personality with her savvy business sense to teach Direct Sellers, and small business owners, proven marketing strategies, time saving systems and unique storytelling. Learn how to break the cookie cutter syndrome and be authentically you in business.

Are you in?


    Get your pretty little head on right.


    Wishes mean nothing without a plan.


    Put systems into place for productivity.


    No one can do this shit alone.

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