Here’s the Deal, Gorgeous, Business Can Be About As Sexy as Changing Diapers.

I’m Desiree Wolfe – THE Business Mentor for motivated Mamapreneurs in Direct Sales & Coaching. I teach busy mamas, like you, how to make online marketing sexy (even if you hate it), how to find the right (and more) clients, and how to create a profit-building platform – without a spending a ton of time and money.

Desiree WolfeThis isn’t about forcing you to love marketing. It’s about helping you understand the power of knowing your audience. It’s about saving time and frustration through automating and planning. It’s about turning your direct sales, or coaching business, from an expensive hobby to profitable machine, right from the playroom.  This is about growing your business and creating a lifestyle that you absolutely love instead of struggling to keep the lights on.

We aren’t talking a bunch of complex algorithms and boring statistics. This is about building relationships and engaging in conversation.

For the last 3 years, I have been helping smart business owners create and implement brilliant marketing ideas and profit-making game plans. I’ve worked with best-selling authors, direct sales coaches & leaders, party plan organizations, business advisors and motivational trainers. I have over 15 years of marketing, sales and event experience.

Do you want to work together to create a custom business blueprint for your business? We’ll discover your ideal client and create your online roadmap for connecting with people who want to buy what you’re offering (and keep coming back for more).  Check out the details here and let’s make the magic happen.

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