Screw the imposter syndrome because standing out never felt so damn good.

You don’t need another training about Facebook parties or Pinterest. The problem is you’ve been spewing your sales pitches all over the internet without any sort of strategy. That, my friend, is called hope marketing and it will only work for so long, if ever. You’ll eventually feel like you’re beating your head against the wall and except now, you’ll be bleeding out cash as you lose business and possibly team members.

You need a clarity. You need a strategy and you need systems to make it all happen. Guess what girlfriend?
That’s my sweet spot.

Who am I to teach you? I’m Desiree Wolfe, a marketing nerd girl who has been working with women in Direct Sales for over 10 years. I’m about to blow your mind with my mad systems skills so you can discover the perfect prospects that actually give a shit about what you offer and I’ll teach you the automation you need to save your pretty little butt some massive time. Because, let’s face it, I want you to have so many hot leads little Timmy will be rollin’ to Pre-K in some brand new kicks each month.

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Get the Right People In Your Business

Struggling to book parties might mean you’re not connecting with the right people. Team members who don’t show up are a big problem, too. In the Customer Cure I’ve created a 10 steps training series to walk you through how to discover your ideal customer and how to find them online (and offline, too).

Marketing & Systems School

LABS is a revolutionary 6-week online course for leaders in Direct Sales who are looking to dominate in their industry. It teaches you smart, proven marketing strategies to power your profits and unleash your higher purpose. Registration for this incredible course is only open twice a year so get on the list now!

News & Training on Desiree’s Blog

No fuckery allowed on the blog. I give you real business, marketing and mindset advice. It’s totally fun but no bullshit or excuses allowed. Learn how to capture more email leads, blog for business, create a lead magnet and get more shit done in your Direct Sales business over on the blog.

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