Desiree Wolfe

Here’s the Deal, Marketing Can Get Ugly.
Are you a Coach or Direct Sales Leader wanting to grow your business but you HATE marketing?  Do you think it takes hours of planning and research but you’re already scrambled for time?

I’m Desiree Wolfe – THE Marketing Mentor for motivated Mamapreneurs. I teach the average, over-worked mama, like you, how to create sexy, time-saving marketing strategies – (even if you hate marketing.) Learn how to build an empire of raving fans while automating your business.

This isn’t about forcing you to love marketing. It’s about helping you understand the power that marketing can have for turning your business from an expensive hobby to profitable machine, right from the playroom without all of the fucking bullshit tactics that no longer work. 

This is about your business and creating a lifestyle that you absolutely love. Seriously.

Image of Desiree Wolfe with Pink Hair

Sarcasm & swearing are free. Pink hair optional.

This is about understanding your customers desires so you can provide an experience, instead of focusing on where your next payday will come from.  

We aren’t talking a bunch of complex algorithms and boring statistics.

This is about building relationships and engaging in conversation.

For the last few years, I have been helping smart business owners create and implement brilliant marketing campaigns and game plans. I’ve worked with best-selling authors, direct sales leaders, party plan organizations, business advisors and motivational trainers, all while raising a couple kids and a fiance.

I totally get that some days, hiding in the laundry sounds like more fun than working in your business. It’s time to end those days.

If you want me to create a custom business blueprint for you so you know when your ass is supposed to be scheduling an email campaign or if you can skip out and watch your kids soccer game check out the details here and let’s make the magic happen.

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